Sjárún (Sya-Roon)

Duergar Seeker


RACE: Duergar
CLASS: Cleric 1 (Arcane Domain)
BACKGROUND: Sage (Alchemist)

9 strength/14 dexterity/14 constitution
16 intelligence/14 wisdom/8 charisma
AC: 18, HP: 10, Speed: 25’

Saving Throws: Wisdom 4, Charisma 1
Skills & Tools: Appraise 5, Arcana 5, History 5 (7), Nature 5, Religion 5, Investigation 5, Medicine 4, Alchemist’s Tools 5

Common, Tala, Runic, Abyssal, Silit-Lexri

-Darkvision 60’
-Deep Cunning (advantage on Int, Wis, & Cha saves vs. magic),
-Stonecunning (double proficiency bonus on Int: History checks related to unusual stonework)
-Artificer’s Lore (double proficiency bonus on Int: History checks related to magic items, alchemical objects, or technological devices)

Daily slots: 2
Cantrips: Sacred Flame, Guidance, Mending, Mage Hand, Message
Domain Spells: Magic Missile, Detect magic
Typical memorization: Bless, Cure Wounds, Sanctuary

-Armor: Scale mail, shield w/ symbol
-Weapon: Dagger
-General: Traveler Clothes, Backpack, Bedroll, 5 rations, waterskin, Hemp rope, Mess Kit, Alchemy Supplies, Chalk (8), Quill, Pouch, Vial
-Wealth: 2.5 gp
-Weight: 97


Born under the protective ceiling of his home city, Sjárún is a Seeker of the Duergar people. Charged with seeking, recording, preserving, and disseminating knowledge and truth, he has become a polymath and engages in research on a wide range of topics, taking in the breadth of knowledge the world has to offer. Seeing magic as the path to understanding the fundamental nature of the world, he learned wizardry at the Duergar’s foremost magical academy and recently graduated. For his postgraduate work, he has been sent on an archaeological expedition to find the secrets locked within the ruins of the northern jungle.

Sjárún (Sya-Roon)

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