Merrow are corrupted merfolk, aggressive and savage. According to legend the merfolk had a huge, highly advanced empire in ancient times, but their empire fell. The reasons for the fall of the empire and corruption of the race are matters of significant debate among historians.

The merrow are a conundrum: lore paints them as animalistic, and historically that was indeed the case, but for the past few years organized merrow raiding parties have become a rare but much feared danger in the tropics. These bands have obvious tactical acumen and use sophisticated equipment, but they never speak to members of other races. They kill and and pillage without mercy, making no demands, and nobody knows why.

Stories abound of wondrous cities beneath the waves, fueled by the occasional strange object which washes up on shore. The duergar are known to be especially avid historians, and will pay good money for merfolk artifacts.
  • Merrow speak pidgin Abyssal.

    See also Sahuagin


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